Charleston Low Battery Seawall Rehabilitation

December 6, 2022

Beginning in 2019, the City of Charleston began its reconstruction of the Historic Battery Seawall along the Charleston Harbor. Over one-hundred twenty years of twice daily tides, seasonal expansion and contraction, a salty environment, hurricanes, and unrelenting sun exposure had taken its toll on the structural integrity of the existing seawall. In addition, the proposed new construction would increase the seawall’s capacity to thwart rising sea levels. Palmetto Gunite was contracted to design and install the micropile foundation for the wall, inject urethane grout into the existing voids underneath the seawall, and chip and shoot back the tidal zone portion of the wall. In total, we drilled and installed over 1,250 piles to depths up to 114 feet below the surface. In addition, we have chipped and shot over 3,400 linear feet on the seawall. The fourth and final phase is expected to begin in the Winter of 2023 or Spring of 2024.

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