Foundation Construction

Palmetto Gunite has completed all types of structural foundations in the Lowcountry of South Carolina and beyond. Structures have ranged from shallow spread footings to massive shallow structures and deep foundations utilizing micro-piles. Palmetto Gunite has consistently been at the cutting edge of geotechnical procedures and techniques. We have the technical expertise and equipment to install drilled and grouted piles up to 16″ in diameter. If a tight site is a concern, we have set up equipment with a mast head of 8 feet tall in a closet before in order to install piles. Palmetto Gunite is also a registered engineer in the state of South Carolina and design our piles in house to provide a custom and structurally sound pile foundation system for your specific project’s needs.

Micropiles & Deep Foundations

One of the early developers of micropiles, Palmetto Gunite has continued to be on the cutting edge of installing deep foundation Micropiles for over 25 years. The Charleston area, as well as the Lowcountry in general, provides a unique problem for engineers. Oftentimes existing homes or structures need deep foundation work due to the lack of a bedrock layer or suitable surface soil profile. Other times, space is too limited for the installation of prestressed driven piles, or the structure cannot allow for the vibrations associated with driven piles.

Micropiles provide adequate strength to support the structure in question without damaging vibrations. We can even set up our Micropile drilling rig in a closet if the space is truly limited. We install steel and Titan rods to a soil depth that is determined by the design professional to be the location of an adequate soil profile capable of supporting the desired loads.

Micropiles have proven reliable and consistent in supporting loads in excess of 100 kips with lateral capacities in excess of 10 kips with one-inch deflection. Micropiles are the ideal solution for designers needing support on sites where vibration, layout, and other site-specific conditions preclude the use of conventional prestressed driven piles.


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